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    As one of the most beloved social media platforms in the world, Instagram is now crazily popular among people of all ages. We could find countless interesting content there daily, but sadly Instagram itself doesn’t enable users to directly download photos and videos to watch them offline later. So, what can we do to solve the problem then?

    With the help of, everything is possible now. Our special tool will help you save your favorites images and clips anonymously from Instagram, and it’s super quick and safe. is a web-based tool so you can just do everything online without downloading any additional app on your device. In other words, you can save plenty of memory storage and stay away from questionable apps that might harm your phone or computer.

    Our tool doesn’t require signing up or logging in, so your personal information is undoubtedly safe with us. It means that you can also save a lot of time, too.

    Last but not least, is completely free and will forever be. You can use it as much as you like without any worry about the cost.

    Advantageous features of as an Instagram video downloader: is fast, safe and totally free.

    • You don’t need to download any additional apps
    • You don’t need to create an account to use our service
    • You don’t need to share your private information
    • You can download videos from Instagram on any device, including mobile, laptop, tablet and PC
    • You can download videos from Instagram in high quality
    • You can also download IGTV

    How to download Instagram videos with

    Using our Instagram downloader, you can download any video you like on Instagram with only a few simple steps. Just check out the instructions below:

    1. Copy the URL to the video you want to save.
    2. Open in your web browser.
    3. Paste the URL in the input box and wait while your video is automatically synchronized.
    4. Click on the Start button and wait for the result.
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    How to copy links for downloading videos on Instagram app?

    If you are using the Instagram app instead of the website and find it hard to copy the link of the video you would love to download, just follow our instructions:

    1. Open the app.
    2. Choose the video you like.
    3. Click on the three dots on the top right corner of the post.
    4. When the Popup opens, click on Copy link and the link will be automatically copied.

    What is the point of downloading videos from Instagram?

    There’s no denying that Instagram is one of the coolest social media platforms out there, it’s not like it is that popular for no reason. On Instagram, we have plenty of creative creators who can always motivate, delight and amaze us with their mesmerizing content. However, there’s a huge inconvenience with Instagram: it does not allow users to directly download images and videos to watch them offline later.

    As Instagram users ourselves, we faced the same problem and understood how troublesome it could be. Therefore, we decided to design this online Instagram downloader to help users download their favorite content from Instagram easily, not to mention safely and fast. That’s right, we give you the best service to get what you want on Instagram, and it’s completely free of charge.

    What is Instagram?

    If you haven’t used Instagram yet, let’s try it out today! Instagram is a fabulously social media platform where you can upload and share your best photos and videos with your loved ones, read their comments and chat with them all you want. You can also use Instagram to catch up with your family and friends or follow famous people, like celebrities or politicians for instance.

    There are countless interesting topics on this platform for you to dive in, including music, technology, pets, relationship, and more. And in addition to having some fun and releasing stress with Instagram, you can also learn some pretty cool skills on it thanks to a huge number of tutorial videos that Instagram users upload daily. Excellent, isn't it?

    Frequently asked questions

    Here we have selected some of the most asked questions relating to downloading videos from Instagram. If you can’t find your question here, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

    What is an Instagram video downloader?

    Instagram video downloader is an online tool that allows you to download your favorite videos directly from Instagram without no cost or information required.

    How to download video from Instagram?

    It can’t be any easier. You only need to copy the link to the video you want to download, open, paste it into the input box and then click on the Start button. That’s all.

    Can I download an Instagram video in original quality?

    Our tool automatically syncs the high-quality videos and gives users Instagram videos in high-quality download, but please keep in mind that the quality of your video depends on the original quality and the format in which it was uploaded.

    Is there any limit to Instagram video downloading?

    There is absolutely no limit when it comes to the number of videos you can download with

    How to download IGTV video on

    IGTV videos are often the long ones, so you might want to save them if you don’t have time to watch them right away. To download an IGTV video, just copy the link and paste it into the input box like you do with normal videos.

    How to download Instagram videos on a laptop?

    Downloading Instagram videos on your laptop or personal computer is even easier than on your phone or tablet because you can get the URL right on your browser. Just copy it, paste it into the input box on, hit the Start button and everything will be done within a few seconds.

    Is downloading videos from Instagram illegal?

    It’s totally legal if you use it for personal purposes only. If you want to use an Instagram video for commercial purposes, you will have to ask for the permission of the original video creator.

    Can I download a private video?

    We respect the privacy of all Instagram users in general, so the answer is no. You can download public videos only. is not affiliated with Instagram™ and not we host any of media on our servers.The copyright of videos and photos users download belong to the original creators on Instagram, we don’t own anything. Instagram and its logos are trademarks and copyright of Meta.